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Monteoliveto Gallery selects 20 photographers who will realize 2 photos illustrating their own particulate feeling for contemporary cities

Nice, solo exhibition of Nadine JENERS


Nice, NEW YORK DETAILS, from December, 15  2011 to January, 15 2012,  Nadine JENERS lives and Works in Germany at Heiligenhaus. Fascinated by the strenght and the impact of words from the shape of lines and curves, the artist explores the power of imagination through a singular typographic choice of the letters she uses. With her works of the NY details series she has offered to the great public who attended the show with great interest in this Xmas period, a minimalist vision of unique sites of the cosmopolitan city of New York. City Hall, Empire State Building, Waldorf Astoria, Flatiron Building, Tiffany ; a white canvas, quadratic, an adress and the choice of a special typographic  character, with the desire to give wide space to the imagination of the viewer. An intriguing exhibition that had the interest of the magazine of the French Riviera and of the journalist Thierry Jan responsible of the Chronique culturelle de Nice.

To complete the exhibition some photos, and an idea : we always think about the whole building, but nobody think about the little numbers identifying the site and taht are very spécial too, such as the architecture of the building.



01 JENERS New York Details
02 JENERS New York Details
03 JENERS New York Details
04 JENERS New York Details
05 JENERS New York Details
06 JENERS New York Details
07 JENERS New York Details
08 JENERS New York Details