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Caterina Annovazzi

Painter, Caterina Annovazzi, former student of Fine Arts in Lyon, then graduated from the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français (Paris) in audiovisual..., Caterina Annovazzi, based in Aix-en-Provence. Now she works in a painting lyrical spirit.
Powerful, her landscapes and abstract figures based on new technology open us the doors to a universe at once dreamlike and philosophical.
The artist is part of the group "Second Reality" by André Sablé, she exhibits at the Grand Palais in the Salon "Comparaisons", and presented her works in numerous exhibitions and galleries in Bretagne and Paris, winning several regional awards. The upcoming exhibitions will be held at the gallery Bleu de Chine in Switzerland and Elite Art Gallery Unesco in Romania.


The works of Caterina Annovazzi exhibited in the gallery

Moine météorite

Moine météorite  2008  75cm x 50cm...

Cavalier Psychopompe

"Cavalier Psychopompe" 2008 mixed media 100cm x 55cm...

Succube au soleil noir

"Succube au soleil noir" 2008 mixed media 70cm x 40cm


La part d'Ombre

"La part d'Ombre " 2007 mixed media 150cm x 100cm



Aliénation du guerrier

"Aliénation du guerrier" 2008 technique mixte 70cm x 50cm...