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Zelmira Peralta Ramos

Born in 1968 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; She studied LAW at U.C.A.; and graduated as a lawyer in 1992...After working with FAMILY LAW and Minority, she started working on an enviroment proyect, GEF from WORLD BANK. In 2000 she founded  Fundación NATURALEZA PARA EL FUTURO.Then she started working in preservation of historic patrimony and recycled todays. Zelmira studied painting and drawing in diferent art studios and with her grandmother when she was just a kid.She has been participating in differents  exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Italy, France, China, México and Turkey. Including the Florence and Chianciano biennales.Today she is still working with where she has her personal gallery. Also she is finishing a new space for ART in PIRIAPOLIS, Uruguay. She also writes poems, short stories and sings with a small band.


Le opere di Zelmira Peralta Ramos presenti in galleria