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Damien McGinley




work explores a unique perspective....aiming to develop a concentrated, claustrophobic sensibility.. This approach aims to look more intently at the dialogue between humans and the persistent urban realism that envelops them. As each component is propelled to component, they begin to influence one another. Hard edges with concrete, architecture, man, and machine merge into blended essences. Constantly changing associations are inevitably released in these environments, and the observer is gradually pulled into the process of continuous transformation, in a melting pot of man, modernity, and dynamics. Damien McGinley’s key solo exhibitions over the last number of years include ‘Intro’ (Brussels, Belgium 1999), ‘9th and Hennepin’ (Novi Sad, Serbia 2003),  ‘Shadow Boxer’ (Berlin, Germany 2008), ‘Eurekastraat’ (Antwerp, Belgium 2012), ‘Hectic Eclectics’ (London, UK 2013) & ‘Mirrorball’ (Antwerp, Belgium 2014). Collaborations include creating the artwork on the novels and album cover design and he has also participated in a number of large collective exhibitions, most notably ‘De Keltische Tijger’ (Antwerp, Belgium 2003), ‘PC 100-Best Of’ (Berlin, Germany 2009) & ‘80Q-Show Your Hope’ (Touring globally 2010-2012).  McGinley has held the Artist In Residence in Prima Center (Berlin, Germany 2008), as well as the Victor Vasarely Foundation (Marseille/Provence, France 2013). He also has works in permanent collections worldwide, including Quateor (Brussels, Belgium), the Irish Embassy (Athens, Greece), Galerie Campo & Campo (Antwerp, Belgium), and the Siena Art Institute (Italy). He currently also fulfils a role as a Fine Art Consultant with Castle Galleries (UK). Awards include Culture Ireland Exhibitions Awards in 2008 & 2013, Irish Embassy Award in 2008, and English Arts Council Exhibitions award in 2013. From 2015 he participates to Monteoliveto Gallery international events and art fairs


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