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Immagine artista

Annita Faitaki

Born in Crete to a family of goldsmiths, Greek-American artist Annita Faitaki draws on a deep understanding of three-dimensional composition and the profound roots.. of philosophy and human emotion. Faitaki uses the 3D nature of bronze sculpture to express the energy of the Earth, unveil the archetypes that compose small communities, and discover deeper, yet often hidden, levels of expression in human society. Each sculpture is a study in geometry, proportion, and the delicate balance that can be achieved between line and form, but also an exploration of the complexities and great blessings associated with our experiences of love, desire, passion, communication, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Much of Faitaki’s inspiration comes from what she describes as the “duality of this world” and the resulting emotions and expressionistic visions that inevitably stem from the juxtaposition of supposed opposites. To Faitaki, art has the power to transform us, liberate us from our fears, and open up the door to new possibilities, and she seeks to drive open this portal in her work. As Faitaki explains, “I share my dreams, my emotions with others. I search to find all that is not yet expressed or told, all that is hidden in the human psyche.”



The process by which Annita Faitaki creates her sculptures is highly technical, time consuming, and expensive. She first creates each piece in clay or wax, then has them cast in bronze at a foundry. Later, she may add on a patina in order to create the colour. She describes the process as one of manifestation: the search for an unknown world waiting to be discovered. Her paintings, too, depict a sculptural quality in their texture, energy, and depth.


Le opere di Annita Faitaki presenti in galleria