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Immagine artista

Carole St-Germain



 Just one look at Carole St-Germain’s artworks and two words come to mind: enthusiasm and colors. The path from enthusiasm towards the colors is the most frequently observed direction she takes to transport us into abstract and semi-figurative worlds.

Carole dashes to transport us on a trip, sometimes chaotic, sometimes serene, but always towards a new world.

The different techniques used since the past few years has led her towards acrylic, to join other mediums which she jealously keeps to herself, allowing for her very own style and creativity.

Her constant renewed spirit, seeking for the satisfaction of the art as well as her own satisfaction seem endless and daily efforts are entertained.


Carreer path

Originally from Montreal, Carole has shared with us her brightly colored villages which evoke a sense of belonging in each one of us. Her paintings reflect her ‘joie de vivre’, her happiness and a portion of her big heart.

The passion for her art and the development of her artistic skills led her to another technique, emergence. Her creative enthusiasm gave birth to unique and charming characters that share their emotions and make us dream.

A painting is not just a simple canvas with colors, but a story told by the artist and often found at the bottom of soul.


Her techniques

Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Mixed techniques


Academics and experience

In the early 70’s, Carole devoted her summers to the arts in the studio of Madame Seguin-Poirier, where the birth of a never ending love story began. Her love for the arts will remain. From galleries to museums, her passion grew as did her own private collection, which for a while satisfied her artistic needs. Later in life when she was given the opportunity and the gift of time, she dedicated herself with her heart and soul to her painting. Her insatiable appetite has allowed her to grow rapidly as an artist. In addition to her many classes, she also is found exploring her many talents in her own studio. Her desire is to learn and try everything and that is where she stands at the moment. As she continues to progress she happily presents paintings that gradually reflect the emotions once hidden at the bottom of her heart.


Le opere di Carole St-Germain presenti in galleria