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randi strand


graphic design techniques with expressive...flowing forms, the work of Randi Strand penetrates deeply into our psychological experiences of the contemporary world. The artist culls materials and themes from popular culture, fine artists and songwriters, evocatively blending these elements into fresh and extraordinary compositions. Strand’s paintings reverberate with a myriad of meanings and poeticism, leading to a richness that allows the viewer to find a personal significance in her striking colors and delicate washes of paint. Lines forcefully strike through her paintings, juxtaposed with her soft use of acrylics. Vividly versatile in several mediums, Strand finds inspiration in music. “I love music and [am] inspired by the lyrics in the songs and translate this into a visual language,” she explains. “I want to convey known and loved melodies in a visual form.” The artist also points to cities such as New York as influences which have infused her work with effervescence and emotion.
A professional graphic designer, Randi Strand owns her own company in Oslo, Norway.


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