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Andrea Harris is an American artist who is recognized globally for her paintings and installations that are centered on observations of nature and humanity. She is a graduate of the prestigious School of the Art Institute Chicago (USA).

Renowned for her still life paintings, Andrea Harris chooses to paint the subject matter with emotion as it relates to the
human form. To this point, the viewer enters the painting.
Harris’s nature paintings reflect moments in time that have left undeniable impressions. A recent body of work,
Impressions, transfers her emotional response to observations by interfacing atmospheric and wooded forces of nature and
suggests that art is a vital communication of our responsibility as environmental guardians of the future. Each painting is a
common thread reminding the viewer that we are all connected.
Because we are elements of society, her work also examines our cultural role– especially as seen in current events. The
dichotomy between what we are and how we act is central to her work. This is a theme Harris has approached for some
time. For example– her
Women of Courage: Portraits Beyond Boundaries is a monumental and ongoing portrait project that celebrates women who
have inspired others to pursue their dreams. This ongoing traveling exhibition is a poignant series that focuses on
transcending all cultures.
Harris’s commitment to humanitarian and environmental concerns has been a force behind much of her art, and her work
has been honored at public venues that include Chicago’s Mayor Daley Civic Center, World Environment Day at the United
Nations, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, museums and various university galleries. Her artwork has
been selected for permanent acquisition by hospitals, businesses and universities.
Harris is one of 124 artists selected to create an artistic solution to global warming. Her “Eco- Heroes” five-foot diameter
globe was on view at Chicago's Field Museum entrance June through October 2007. Eco-Heroes has traveled to the US
Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., Exposition Park in Los Angeles, Discovery Park in Houston, Geneva, Switzerland and
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her collaborative Rainforest globe, appeared in Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Denmark, Vienna,
Austria and is currently on view in Jerusalem. Harris’s mini globe replica was one of twelve chosen for exhibition in the
June 2007 Summit on Climate Change held at the United Nations and in 2008 was selected for exhibition at The John F.
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.
During an upcoming residency in Nice, France, Harris will be spending time creating a painting influenced by the local
atmosphere, interfacing shape, color and light of contemporary impressionism.
In addition to her paintings and installations, Harris is actively involved in humanitarian and environmental concerns and is
the founder of the Art and Nature Program. This program is designed to engage art as a catalyst to spark outdoor activity, in
an effort to fight childhood obesity and reconnect children with nature.
Recent & Scheduled Solo Shows
2013 May 3- June 10 • “Andrea Harris Recent Works” • Bluestone Fine Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2012 “Andrea Harris Recent Works” • Homey Gallery, Chicago, IL
2012 “Artist’s Talk & Recent Works” • Homey Gallery, Chicago, IL
2011 “In the Forest” • Gallery H, Harbor Country, Three Oaks, MI
2010 “Impressions” Homey Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010 “Refuge,” Brushwood Gallery, Ryerson Woods, Deerfield, IL (Two-person exhibit)
2009 “Recent Paintings,” Homey Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009 “Beyond Boundaries: Women of Courage,” Concordia University, River Forest, IL
2008 “ In the Forest” recent paintings, Studio 110 Salon, Chicago, IL
2008 “In the Forest” recent paintings, Gallery H, Three Oaks, MI
2008 “Visions Shared Separately,” Homey Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008 “Women of Courage,” Studio 110 Salon, Chicago, IL
2007 “Women of Courage” Exhibition and Master Art Workshop, Temple College, Temple, TX
2007 “Between Us: Earthly Connections,” Gallery H, 15 South Elm St., Three Oaks, MI 49128
2007 “Celebrating Women,” Aurora Public Art Commission, Aurora, IL
2007 “A Husband and Wife: Their Art,” The Harris Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007 “Trees,” Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
2006 “In the Forest,” Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago, IL
2006 “Women of Courage,” Apollo Theatre, Chicago, IL
2006 “Beyond Boundaries,” Edward Hospital, Naperville, IL
2006 “Beyond Boundaries,” Mayor Daley Civic Center, Chicago, IL
2006 “The Heart of a Woman,” Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
2006 “Change of Heart,” Apollo Theatre, Chicago, IL
2005 “The Veil Mosaic,” Silk Road Theatre Project, The Chicago Temple Building, Chicago, IL
2005 “The Veil Mosaic,” Morton College, Cicero, IL
2005 “Beyond Boundaries,” The Open Door Gallery, Chicago, IL
2004 “Beyond Boundaries,” Cultural Activities Center, Temple, TX
2004 “Sons of Liberty,” Breadline Theatre, Chicago, IL
2004 “Painting Beyond Boundaries,” Breadline Theatre, Chicago, IL
Scheduled & Recent Exhibitions: Invitational & Juried Shows
2013-14 October 3- February 6 • “Where Cultures Collide: Breaking Criminal Traditions” •
Illinois Institute of Technology, Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL
2013 March 8- April 2 • “Melodies of Earth & Sky” • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2012 NAWA New Member Exhibition • NAWA Gallery, New York, New York
2012 October 4- 26, 2012 • “The Personal is Political: The Transformative Power of Women’s Art” •
Koehnline Museum, Des Plaines, IL
2012 September 7- January 6 2013 • “Honoring Women’s Rights” • John Steinbeck Center & Museum
2012 August 30 - September 1 • “The Art of Human Rights” • ZIA Gallery, Winnetka, IL
2012 “Beyond Boundaries/ Women of Courage” • Art Takes Times Square, New York City
2012 “Synergy of the Stars” • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2012 “Art of Human Rights” • Heartland Alliance, Coalition Gallery, Chicago
2012 “Collector’s Choice” • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2011 “Prismatic Portals” • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2011 “Grand Opening/ First Friday” • Bluestone Fine Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2011 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 “Au Naturel” • Clatsop College, Astoria, Oregon
2010 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • Geneva, Switzerland
2010 “Private I,” Skylight Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2010 “Visual Narrative,” Gallery 180 of the Illinois Institute of Art–Chicago
2010 “Women & Water Rights,” International Juried Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery,
Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota
2009 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • Houston, TX
2009 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • Los Angeles, CA
2008 “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” • The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,
New York City
2008 “One Planet- Ours!” • “Cool Globe” • US Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.


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