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lausanne art fair'18

lausanne art fair 19-22-4-2018

Art3f PARIS 27/28/29 Jan. 2017

Salon international d'Art contemporain






One has only to walk the streets and keep one's eyes open to see the most inimitable pictures

(from Goethe Italian Journey, NAPLES)

GALLERIAMONTEOLIVETO organizes the second edition of the

Naples Contemporary Art Award 


(Update January 30, 2014)

1 – Eligibility  The competition is open to professional artists in all categories: painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and graphics.

2 – Participation   The general theme is Goethe’s Phrase in his Italian Journey speaking of Naples with these words:One has only to walk the streets and keep one's eyes open to see the most inimitable pictures …But you are free to realize your own artwork as follows: Are eligible to participate in the competition all the techniques:

- Painting/Graphic: maximum size (1.50 m x 1), the works must be fitted with a system of brackets (ready to be installed), with no frame and no glass.

- Sculptures: maximum size dimensions (50 x 50 x 100 cm). Each work must be provided with its own podium or display support.

- Photography: maximum size (1.50 m x 1 m).

- Installations: medium space (installation project to verify)

MANDATORY:   the works must bring (in the back and on the bases for the sculptures) the coordinates of the artist (name, surname, address, phone number, title work, the technique (or materials) used, the date of execution. The quotation of the work will be indicated on the registration form. Will be rejected works that do not have the coordinates of the artist, or submitted after the deadline for the competition.  Each artist may enter only one work. This must be an original. The works entered must not have participated in other competitions, or have been published.

3 - Selection     Artists must communicate:

- Personal data

- Qualifications consistent with the individual artistic disciplines

- Artist Statement

- List of participation in fairs, exhibitions, events in the period 2012-2013

- Photos of five recent works

All documentation will be due by January 20, 2014 (prorogated to March 30, 2014) via email at  The photograph of the work participant in the Contest must be received by mail no later than April 30, 2014 through mail to the artistic curator   The works must be received at the gallery in Naples in Piazza Monteoliveto No.11 in a date that will be given in March 2014. The works will be exhibited in Naples, in a date that will be communicated soon in a prestigious location that will be notified together with the date of the official opening.

4 - Inscription   The registration fee of 100 Euros + VAT 20% = 120,00 euros for each artist to cover administrative, logistics, organization, promotion and dissemination costs of the event, will be paid by bank transfer.       For the registration of participation contact :

5 - Awards   At the close of the exhibition will be awarded the "Premio Napoli for contemporary art". The jury selected by the organizers will award one prize for each category admitted to the competition. To the winners Galleria Monteoliveto will offer the participation with the work in the contest in one of the events the gallery will participate in 2015. The audience, invited to express their preference during the visit of the exhibition through a card that will be placed in a urn, will determine the Audience Award. Other prizes can be awarded by the patronage bodies and the sponsors of the event.

6 - Return of the works   At the end of the exhibition, the artists must collect their artwork at their own expense. All the works are not withdrawn within two months of exposure will not be returned to the artist.

7 - Utilization   The contest organizers reserve the right to use images of works in competition, to promote the competition itself through actions it deems necessary. The application form signed confirms that the participant accepts the rules of the contest. Candidates also accept that the organizers of the competition have the right to use their image on photos taken during the event.

8 - Shipping and insurance   The costs relating to the protection of transport and insurance of the works will be exhibited, are at the charge of the artists, who can ensure their work at their own expense during transport and during the show. Eventual customs costs (particularly for extra UE artists) are also at the charge of the artist.

9 - Cancellation   The organizers reserve the right to extend, postpone or cancel the contest in case of force majeure, without any penalty or compensation to be required by the participants. The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of the works during the event.

10 - Sale   The exhibited works will be reserved for a possible sale during the exhibition. They will be sold at the price agreed with the artist, in case of sale the 70% will go to the artist and the 30% to Monteoliveto Gallery.