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AWARDS Premio NAPOLI per l'Arte Contemporanea 2013


Thursday, May 30 at the headquarters of the Navy League Section of Naples were awarded Awards of the 1st edition of the Naples Prize for Contemporary Art 2013 organized by the Galleria Monteoliveto Nice - Naples..
The jury consisting of Beatrice Bregoli Culture and Education Chambre de Commerce Italienne, NICE; Brigitte CAMUS, art critic, PARIS, Laurence GARBATINI, Stratege Communication Principality of MONACO; Laura Iasiello, NOTHING ELSE curator of Contemporary Art, Naples, Charlotte Infantellina , gallerist, curator of Infantellina Contemporary, BERLIN; Christian IORIO, journalist, NAPLES; Muriel LAGNEAU, Marchand d'Art, PARIS/MARSEILLE; Carolina LIO, art critic and curator, BERLIN/HONG KONG, Rosaria Morra, journalist, Naples; Paolo Scutellaro, sailor, Naples
has expressed the following nomination: Antonio BUTTITTA - Asli KUTLUAY -  Serenella SOSSI - Sandro VIGLIONE - Cristina CIANCI - Thérèse BOISCLAIR - Olivia ALEXANDER  - Joolie GREEN  - Manuela VACCARO - Luigi MONTEFOSCHI - Silvia REA  - Stefania ANCARANI-  Vito AROMA - Valeriy ZHARKIKH   - Florence DUET.
Among them, after the counting of votes in accordance with the preferences made, the jury awarded the following prizes:
1st Prize PAINTING Sea Fever Joolie GREEN beautiful interpretation of the theme, effective and powerful, the sea, in all its strength and its colors, as beautiful when it is calm, so fascinating when it is rough! In the work - said the sailor Paul Scutellaro - I saw, a strong personal feeling, marine scenes to me common and very near to me. Reads the motivation Chantal LORA director of Monteoliveto Gallery
1st Prize ex aequo PHOTOGRAPHY a libera interpretazione of Luigi Montefoschi: Dreamy and masterfully executed, impact and excellent balance and at  il più bello dei mari ... Antonio BUTTITTA, wonderful for its silver light and the infinite horizon of the sea. The medal Prize was given to Luigi Montefoschi  by Pasquale Esposito, journalist and expert in contemporary art
1st Prize SCULPTURE Verso Sud volano vele bianche  by Stefania ANCARANI, glass, copper and bronze for an efficient synthesis between conception of movement and composition of the work material, recognizable in technique, snatches the immediacy of the symbol.Reads the motivation Chantal LORA director of Monteoliveto Gallery
1st Prize INSTALLATION Untitled by Cristina CIANCI for its mix of textures and geometric minimalism entering into dialogue, the interesting idea to break down the elements that represent the typical image of Naples, the sea, the Vesuvius, and the format chosen which makes it more contemporary and different from the images that we are used to seeing. A beautiful representation of the depths of the ocean through a personal gradated  that brings us to the world of Rothko. The medal Prize was given by Annachiara Gravagnuolo, journalist
Honorable mention for GRAPHICS Marementis to Laurine MENNETRET and its particular work in charcoal and chalk pencil.
Awards and Special Mentions
PRIZE Stratege Communication Monte Carlo Vela Rossa by Serenella SOSSI, great craftsmanship and refined style, linear and essential while remaining very generous.
SPECIAL PRIZE SAILING Passione by Sandro VIGLIONE, for his personal universe, rich, dreamlike and disconcerting, without flattery or oleography a tribute to the city of Naples, with a wink to its innate poetry and its bold and visceral carnality. The real synthesis between the two souls of the competition.  The plate Prize was given by Rosaria Morra, journalist
SPECIAL Mention Painting Mer agitée of Thérèse Boisclair for the lyrical and gestural power in line with the latest research of abstraction, as Richter's work at a pace very different and personal in the way the colors overlap each other, a kind of liberation of energy. A unique representation of martin storm. Magnetism and fear.
AWARD of the Public at Mari-moti dell'anima of Silvia REA for the excellent performance, smooth strokes, good weight aesthetic. The plate Prize was given by Antonella Panella, Navy League section Naples
To all participants is given a certificate of participation in the Contest by Galleria Monteoliveto and the pin of the Navy League.

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  ORIGINALI preferenze Giuria Premio NAPOLI 2013 per l’Arte Contemporanea copia.doc