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lausanne art fair'18

lausanne art fair 19-22-4-2018

Art3f PARIS 27/28/29 Jan. 2017

Salon international d'Art contemporain

ART MONACO ‘13 Salon d’art contemporain – Côte d’Azur


Monteoliveto Gallery participates in the exhibition ART MONACO '13 to be held 25 to 28 April 2013 in the Principality of MONACO Grimaldi Forum with its artists: Gianmaria Giannetti, VAL, Sibilla Bjarnason, Corie Ambre,  Marie Christine Bogaert, Kristina Garon, Chris Bleicher, Jeannie Bolund, Serenella Sossi,Marina Cavaniglia, Astrid Castillo Quesada, Fred Mou, Kristina Sretkova, Zina Bercovici, Andria Santarelli, Jean Jacques Venturini, Peter Sherman, Gladys Gonzalez, Nadine Jeners, corona artists featured by ART C the sculpures of Bartus Bartolomes in the E2 space and an external installation of Gunilla Ekholm. To complete the program: If interested, please contact the gallery for more information by mail, also sending a link to your website where we could  see your works and your artistic path. To allow the better organization of the project construction in our booths, we kindly request you to give any interest in a short time. The participation in the event with 4 works selected by the art curator in consultation with the artist for a full and coherent  presentation of the works and the artist consistent with the relevance of the event includes a participation fee for the costs of  logistics, sale assistance, project presentation, promotion and distribution, including the realization of a brochure in french  for the presentation of the artists attending the event with the gallery. Gallery Monteoliveto has been invited for the 4 th consecutive year this important event