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IMAGINARIA IPOGENIA l'eco dello sguardo (cinque anni dopo)


The first event of the Project  PERSONALE 5 PHOTOGRAPHY with two researches of the photograph Massimiliano Lattanzi, who lives and works in Rome, realized exactly 5 days after showing the personal evolution in perceiving the Echo of  the Glance Wide public, the Pressand Art Lovers for a series of artworks structured according to a rhythmic correspondence of alternating colors, starting from the large sizes of the nets in Imaginaria to reach the strong colors of Ipogenìa, a dual mechanism of creation, a quest to capture "the echo of the glance, 5 years later, what Christian Iorio has called in his presentation "the greatest magic that art can give to us. "


  Massimiliano Lattanzi.pdf

imaginaria ipogenža01
imaginaria ipogenža02
imaginaria ipogenža03
imaginaria ipogenža04
imaginaria ipogenža05
imaginaria ipogenža06
imaginaria ipogenža07
imaginaria ipogenža08
imaginaria ipogenža09
imaginaria ipogenža10
imaginaria ipogenža11
imaginaria ipogenža12