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SMART'AIX 2013 with the label Marseille 2013
The 8th SM'ART 2013 from May 2 to 6 2013 will  be characterized by innovative programming, alluring and frightening + Of 190 artists, 16 galleries give to see every trend in contemporary art...
ART GENT FLANDERS EXPO 2012 BELGIUM GALLERIA MONTEOLIVETO STAND L-140 from November 29 to December 4, preview November 29 followed by the official opening with the artists Gianmaria Giannetti, VAL, Cherny, Sibilla Bjarnason, Corie Ambre, Joanna Ewa Glazer, Umeko Okano, Kari Elisabeth Haug, Stefania Ancarani, Gianpolo Cono and Nicola Piscopo et avec les derniers jours, le Nueves Girasoles de Cherny est parti chez des collectionneurs à Bruges ...
NAPLES, selections for the group exhibition Once upon a time
Location:  Naples, Piazza Moneoliveto 11
Period: September 26 to October 25, 2012 with opening on September 26 at 6 p m...
Aroma Café in Nice, an art corner at 7 rue du Lycée
 Aroma Café at 7 rue du Lycée in Nice, a sympathic art coffee where you can appreciate in a cosy bar on 2 levels works of contemporary art: Sandro Viglione, Olga Antonenko, Generoso Iorio and the photos of José Gallego  ...
Art MONACO '12 ART Fair ended the night of Easter with the congratulations for our booths and the presentation of the artists, a nomination for the Ecological Excellence Award and 2 good sales:  a wide painting by the italian artist Gianmaria Giannetti and a red Toro sculpture by the belgian artist Anita Fleerackers, thanks to the artists Corie Ambre, Sibilla Bjarnason, Thérèse Boisclair, Jeannie Bolund, Cristina Cianci, Florence Duet,  Anita Fleerackers, Monica Fürst, José Gallego, Gianmaria Giannetti, Kerry GrØneng, Kari Elisabeth Haug, Alain Kujawa, Sophie Schubakoff, Peter Sherman, Casto Solano, Serenella Sossi, VAL, Victoria Zyrianska who shared with us the days of the show and a big thank to all other participating artists Stefania Ancarani, Olga Antonenko-Lamoureux, Astrid Castillo Quesada, Cherny, Gianpaolo Cono, Milanda De Mont, Nicola Funaro, Nadine Jeners, Nicola Piscopo, Eunika Rogers, Marta Vezzoli and Sandro Viglione who with their works have allowed us to make a splendid presentation in this important event...
ART MONACO '12 Special Projects
The TORO Machine de Fer of the Belgian artist Anita FLEERACKERS on the Esplanade of Forum Grimaldi Anita FLEERACKERS, born in Tielen, Belgium, graduated at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts d'Anvers in Belgium the artist presents on the Esplanade du Forum Grimaldi her TORO! Some of her sculptures representing tango, jealousy and possessiveness she transfers on the figure of a Toro, with all its strength to welcome the public and lead people with force inside the Forum and enjoy the show… The suggestion of the sculptures of the Spanish artist Casto SOLANO under the Casquette diagonale Casto SOLANO, Winner of the Burgos award 2010 with the work El Camino de la Evolucion Humana and the Ondarroa award with las trabajadoras del mar Casto Solano has 25 years devoted to sculpture...
ART MONACO '12 booths, emplacements and artists
BOOTHS J2, J4, J6 e J8 and installations on the Esplanade of Forum Grimaldi and under the Casquette diagonale with the artists Corie Ambre, Stefania Ancarani, Olga Antonenko-Lamoureux, Sibilla Bjarnason, Thérèse Boisclair, Jeannie Bolund, Astrid Castillo Quesada, Cherny, Cristina Cianci, Gianpaolo Cono, Milanda De Mont, Florence Duet,  Anita Fleerackers, Nicola Funaro, Monica Fürst, José Gallego, Gianmaria Giannetti, Kerry GrØneng, Kari Elisabeth Haug, Nadine Jeners, Alain Kujawa, Nicola Piscopo, Eunika Rogers, Sophie Schubakoff, Peter Sherman, Casto Solano, Serenella Sossi, VAL,  Marta Vezzoli, Sandro Viglione, Victoria Zyrianska...
Art Monaco ... Where ART meets GLAMOUR ... the artists 2012
ART MONACO AGAIN IN MONTECARLO IN 2012 !  This year Galleria Monteoliveto will present the artists:  Corie AMBRE, Olga ANTONENKO – LAMOUREUX, Sibilla BJARNASON, Thérèse BOISCLAIR, Astrid CASTILLO QUESADA, CHERNY, Cristina CIANCI, Milanda DE MONT, Monica FÜRST, José GALLEGO, Gianmaria GIANNETTI, VAL, Kerry GRØNENG, Kari Elisabeth HAUG, Alain KUJAWA, Sophie SCHUBAKOFF  Special Projects : Anita FLEERACKERS with “Toro!” on the Esplanade of Forum Grimaldi  Casto SOLANO installation with Ondarroa and other sculptures location under the Casquette Diagonale and the artists represented in the Project Carré Magique: Karla BLANCHARD, Jeannie BOLUND, Florence DUET, Nadine JENERS, Eunika ROGERS, Serenella SOSSI, VAL, Marta VEZZOLI, Sandro VIGLIONE, Victoria ZYRIANSKA,  and others Art Monaco is an international and exclusive art fair, that brings together collectors, galleries and art lovers from all over the world, facilitating interaction, networking, and generate sales and partnership opportunities...
kunStart 2012 - Biennial Art Fair for Emerging Contemporary Art
MONTEOLIVETO GALLERY at the BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY EMERGING ART KUNSTART 2012 from March 16 to 18,  BOOTH SEKTOR AB B09 - 60  with the artists: Astrid CASTILLO QUESADA, Cristina CIANCI, Gianpaolo CONO, Gianmaria GIANNETTI, Kari Elisabeth HAUG, Serenella SOSSI, Dominique VAN OSTA and Marta VEZZOLI...
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